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Implement successful campaigns with exclusive data across all channels

Discover our individual data portfolio to optimally address your target group. You can use our data not only onsite - on our platform, but also offsite - outside of &

We have individual solutions for every advertiser

Reach our automotive interested users also outside our platform

  • Data Pure

    Use the power of our data also outside of our platform

  • Lookalikes

    Our data partnership allows you to maximize your reach & leverage the potential of a combination between 1st party data & lookalikes

  • Adressable TV & Video

    Through our data partnership, you can add ATV & Video to your campaign and reach your target group based on our data.

Do you have a convincing product for a vehicle-oriented target group and are you looking for interested customers?

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Targeting Examples

  • Icon Automotive

    17,5 M Profiles interested

  • Icon Auto

    3,2 M Profiles interested

  • Icon Heart

    e.g. 300 K  Profiles interested

  • Icon Versicherung

    50 K  Profiles interested

  • Icon Stift und Papier

    100 K  Profiles interested

  • Icon Familie

    4 M  Profiles interested

  • Icon Geld

    e.g. 1,6 M  Profiles interested

  • Icon Umweltbewusst

    1,8 M  Profiles interested

Technical Set-up

How to access our data taxonomy

  • STEP 1

    User searching for specific products with detailed criteria on our website

  • STEP 2

    Data poins are collected, cleared and stored in our DMP (The ADEX)

  • STEP 3

    We create audience segments for targeting onsite & outsite our websites

  • STEP 4

    We export your prefered segments to your DSP of choice

  • STEP 5

    Relevant users recieve ads on the channel of your choice

Integrate the data with a platform of your choice

Integrate the data with a platform of your choice

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