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Prices (valid from 01/04/2023) – Display Placements

AdAd sizeBilling methodRun of NetworkRotationCategorySpecifications
Superbanner728 x 90CPM€11.00€16.50€22.00PDF
Skyscraper160 x 600CPM€16.50€22.00€33.00PDF
Medium Rectangle Cross-Device300 x 250CPM€22.00€27.50€38.50PDF
IAB Standard Ad Package300 x 250 + 728 x 90 + max. 200 x 600CPM€16.50€22.00€33.00PDF
IAB Premium Ad Package300 x 250 + 728 x 90 + 300 x 600CPM€27.50€33.00€44.00PDF
Hockeystick728 x 90 (only or 816 x 90) + max. 200 x 600CPM€38.50€44.00€60.50PDF
Native Ad Cross-DeviceresponsiveCPM€20.00€33.00€44.00PDF
Billboard800 x 250 or 970 x 250 (only Motor-Talk: max. 1020 x 250)CPM€55.00€60.50€77.00PDF
Halfpage Ad Cross-Device300 x 600CPM€38.50€44.00€60.50PDF
Double Halfpage Ad300 x 600 + 300 x 600CPM€66.00€88.00€104.50PDF
Dynamic Sitebarmax. 200 x 600 up to 100% dynamic scalingCPM€66.00€71.50€88.00PDF
Special placements on     
Large Inline Banner / Listing Ad728 x 250CPM-€49.50€66.00PDF
Fireplace Ad "Extended"300 x 600 + 970 x 250 + 300 x 600CPM-€104.50€121.00PDF



Prices 2023 (valid from 01/04/2023) – Homepage Fixed Placements

AdAd sizeBilling methodRotationCategorySpecifications
mobile.xd Homepage Event Combo1614 x 480
and 509 x 192
Fixed price per day-€130,000PDF


Prices 2023 (valid from 01/04/2023) – Mobile Advertising

AdAd sizeBilling methodRun of NetworkRotationCategorySpecifications
Content Ad320 x 50CPM€16.50€22.00€33.00PDF
Special placements on     
Splash Ad Startscreen320 x 480CPM--€66.00PDF
Targeted Interstitial320 x 480CPM -€55.00€66.00PDF
Swipe Ad600 x 500CPM-€27.50€33.00PDF


Prices 2023 (valid from 01/04/2023) – Targeting

 TargetingBilling methodPriceSpecifications
TARGETINGSearch criteria targeting: Brand*, Model* I Price, Mileage, Year, Drive and many moreCPM€10.00for up to two criteria**
  CPM€5.00for every additional criterion
 Geotargeting: Country, County/State, City, Area Code, Postcode: only ROS and with category targetingCPM€10.00for two-character postcodes
  CPM€10.00for every additional postcode character
 Technical Parameters (e.g. system, browser, time, etc.) No surcharge 
 only Parameter Delivery (Brand, etc.)CPM€10.00 
NOTESAll targeting parameters can be combined.   
 Category possible   
 **This limit applies for criteria combinations for search criteria targeting   
 *Vehicle segments count as a targeting criteria   


Prices 2023 – Additional information

Additional information:Terms and apply (
Minimum order:€3,500 (net invoice amount) 
Banner delivery 
Payment terms:payment must be made to Adevinta within thirty days of invoice receipt. 
Prices:all prices excluding VAT